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What is Secure Email?

FNB Secure Email is as the name suggests, a specialized method of emailing that is as secure as possible. You may believe that standard email is secure, but even though accounts require passwords, the traffic can be intercepted and read.

Creating an account

Going to the login page above will provide a link to register in the bottom middle. After clicking there, enter your traditional email address and password (meeting the security requirements), and confirm your account by checking your traditional email. That's all there is!

How does it work? Do I have to check it constantly?

It works in a very similar way to the email you're used to using, except it uses its own portal. Fortunately, we understand checking emails daily can be tiresome, so we've made it as painless as possible. When you receive an email on your Secure Email account, a standard email will be sent to your normal email account, just like always. It will notify you that you have a new message and provide you a link to log into FNB Secure Email.

Do I need anything special to use it?

No. All that's needed is an existing email account, a computer, and an internet connection.

How secure is it?

FNB Secure Email uses 256-bit SSL encryption (TLS 1.2) which uses a key system. That means there is about a nonillian possible keys, give or take a few trillion. In other words, while it would take about 1.4 million years to crack 56-bit encryption (via brute force) and longer than the age of the universe to crack 128-bit, it would take much longer to crack 256-bit. Additionally, new keys are generated on each email and are very unlikely to be ever reused.

How do I send and receive emails?

When you receive a secure email, you will receive a notification in your regular email to retrieve it and view or download it. You will be able to reply or send new emails in much the same way as your traditional email.