What is Secure Email?

FNB Secure Email is an encrypted message sent via Microsoft Office 365 to protect sensitive information between First National Bank and our customers, advisers or vendors.  Even though many standard email services have a firewall for security and require strict passwords, email traffic can often be intercepted and read.

How does it work? Do I have to check it constantly?

Microsoft Office 365 Secure Email works in a very similar way to the email you're used to using.  To start the process, you will receive an email sent from an FNB staff member to your regular email account.  This email will have SECURE EMAIL in the subject and will provide a link that will log you into your Microsoft Office 365 account.  If you do not have a Microsoft Office 365 account, you can request a one-time code, which you would enter before receiving access to the email.

Do I need anything special to use it?

No. All that's needed is an existing email account, a computer, and an internet connection.

How do I send and receive emails?

When you receive a secure email, you will receive a notification in your regular email with a link to retrieve and view or download the message.  To send a secure email to a First National Bank employee, you will first need a Secure email from the FNB employee, then you would just need to reply to the original email to initiate sending a secure message. 

If you wish to send a Secure email, contact your First National Bank personal or business banker and they can get the process started for you.