First National Bank understands businesses may need more than a check these days to pay invoices or make purchases. First National Bank is pleased to offer two alternative payment methods, Visa business debit cards and Visa business credit cards.

Both cards are EMV cards, or commonly referred to as chip cards. The computer chip is a security enhancement for card-present transactions. The traditional magnetic strip cards transmit identical information with every purchase, whereas the chip card alters this data with every purchase, making it more difficult for criminals to duplicate.


Business Debit Cards

FNB Business Debit Cards provides access to your checking account, ability to withdraw cash using ATM machines, and convenient card-present payment method at merchants that accept Visa debit cards.

Take advantage of MyPic to personalize the debit cards with a picture of your choice*. This could be a unique opportunity for your business to show your name, logo, or mascot in front of others. Customize your card by following this link

*Please contact First National Bank prior to ordering a MyPic card with a copyrighted image. The printer will not proceed without prior approval from FNB.

Business Credit Cards

Enjoy the convenience of making business purchases with First National Bank’s low cost VISA Business Credit Card program. Annual fees are waived on accounts with activity. Credit cards are ideal for online payment transactions as they are not tied to the business checking account.

  • To enroll your Business Credit card in Visa’s Savings Edge Rewards, click here.
  • For information to protect your account from a data breach, click here.

Cardholders may request a copy of the cardholder agreement by calling 1-800-369-3629.

Merchant Services 

Whether you are an online store, retail store, or a mail-order-phone-order merchant we have merchant services solutions to fit your business’ needs. We’ll set you up so you are able to accept all major credit cards and debit cards from your customers. Making it easy for you and convenient for your customers! Connect with our Merchant Processing Provider, Professional Solutions Financial Services.