SHAZAM® Brella™   is a mobile app that helps you monitor your debit card activity and can be accessed through the First Bank Mobile App!
First Bank Debit Card holders who access SHAZAM® Brella can do the following: 
  • Transaction Control: Allows you to turn your card on or off, providing a temporary block on future transactions if your card has been lost or you are away from home.
  • Transaction Fraud Alerts 24/7
    When you set alerts with Brella, you can keep a close eye on your debit card activity.  If you receive an alert about a purchase you didn't make, you can take quick action to prevent fraud. Receive alerts for:
    • Purchases exceeding thresholds amounts you set.
    • Purchases made online or over the phones.
    • Suspicious or high-risk purchases.
  • Make Person-to-Person Payments
  • Check Account Balances
  • Search for ATM locations nationwide 
 For mobile users, download the First Bank Mobile App with SHAZAM®  Brella from your app store.


SHAZAM® Brella is also available using your personal computer, laptop or tablet. Signup here.