Text Banking & Mobile Wallets

Text Banking

Do you like to check your account daily but don't have the time to login to your account?
Get your information quickly by simply sending a text using our account text commands.
Texting Banking with First Bank will give you account details when you send a short command from your cell phone.  Receive basic account information, balances and transaction history. You can even get set-up to automatically receive daily account updates or receive account alerts.  Talk to your Personal Banker for more information!
Digital Banking is not required to enroll in Text Banking.

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Text Banking Commands
Short texting commands:
  • Enroll (To enroll for text banking) - ENROLL FIRSTBK
  • Balance (All Enrolled Accounts) - BAL
  • Balance (specific account) - BAL + Name of account BAL CHKG
  • History (Last 5 Transactions, All Enrolled Accounts) - HIST
  • History (specific account) - HIST + Name of Account HIST CHKG
  • Transfer (Transfer between Active SMS Accounts) -
    • XFER + From Acct + To Acct + Amount XFER SVGS CHKG 10.00

Mobile Wallets

Discover the easy way to pay when you add your First Bank Debit Card to your Mobile Wallet!  It’s a fast, easy, and more secure wallet for mobile devices & smartwatches.
Check out the benefits of using a Mobile Wallet:
  • Eliminates the need for cards to physically leave a cardholder’s hand
  • Improves transaction security
  • Reduces the risk of fraud in digital channels