Your First National Bank debit card will provide you access to your account, an ability to pay merchants or access ATM machines located throughout the world.  Along with the security of the EMV chip, you can rest easy that your accounts are protected within the Shazam® Network.
Your debit card allows you to… 
  • Use of any ATM displaying the Shazam® or PLUS logo
  • Avoid surcharge fees when using First National Bank ATMs. 
Use your card for purchases… 
  • As a fast and easy way to pay 
  • Accepted at all locations accepting VISA debit cards 
  • In place of writing checks 

Mobile Wallet

Travel light when you add your FNB Debit card to your mobile wallet.  It's an easy way to pay plus is a fast, easy, and a more secure wallet for mobile devices & smartwatches.  Available for Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, you will never be without your debit card when you need it most.
Check out the benefits of our Mobile Wallet!
  • Eliminates the need for cards to physically leave a cardholder’s hands
  • Improves transaction security
  • Reduces the risk of fraud in digital and online channels 
 Learn More about Apple Pay            Activate Apply Pay
Learn More About Google Pay          Download Google Pay
 Learn More About Samsung Pay     Download Samsung Pay

Shazam® Bolt$

With Shazam® Bolt$ you can manage your debit card(s) from within the FNB Mobile App.  Use the Card On/Off option if you misplace your card; set up transaction alerts and receive fraud notices.  Learn more about Shazam® Bolt$ here.

Instant Debit Cards

Because FNB knows it is important that our customers have quick access to an active debit card, you can enter any location and order a new card. Whether you are opening a new account or replacing a lost or stolen card, we can help you get back to your busy life! Stop by our main office in Waverly and we will have your card processed immediately while you wait; or stop by any of our other four locations to place an order and you will have your new card in 24 hours or less.

MyPic Debit Cards

Personalize your debit card with your favorite photo! All the benefits of a traditional debit card PLUS the added security of being a one-of-a-kind. For more information or to order a MyPic debit card, click here.

Falcon Protection

With Falcon Protection, we'll give you a call when we suspect your account has been compromised. Click here for more information.