Contactless Debit Cards

Now Introducing Contactless Cards!  Our new Contactless Debit Cards are quick and easy to use offering you: 
  • Hands-free spending
  • Fast & convenient transactions
  • Highly secure payments

Contactless payments are very secure. The card never needs to leave your hands and will create a unique encryption for each purchase that protects your data.  This reduces the risk of loss or counterfeit and additional safeguards are in place to make sure you are billed only once if you accidentally tap twice. 
Our contactless cards have an EMV® chip enabled with both contact and contactless capability, plus a magnetic stripe.  All contactless cards include the same security features as EMV contact cards. These cards can be dipped, tapped or swiped at a terminal to perform a transaction.
contactless icon  Contactless Indicator: When featured on a card, it means the card can be used to tap and pay.
    • When featured on a checkout terminal, it means a merchant accepts contactless payments.
    • When waved over the checkout terminal, the contactless indicator displays acceptance. 

debit card contactless iconContactless Symbol: This indicates where you tap your contactless card on the checkout terminal to make a payment. 
    • Place a contactless card within 1- 2 inches of the contactless symbol located on the checkout terminal in order for the sale to take place.