Are you ready for an easier way to view your account statements, that's also better for the environment? When you sign up for First Bank e-Statements, not only do you receive a virtual copy of your statement directly in your Digital Banking account, but you also cut down on paper waste.
e-Statements are a free service offered with the use of First Bank's Digital Bank.  You can enroll through your Digital account using the Quick Access Button for e-Statements. Select your accounts to enroll under Documents/Settings, or talk to one of our bankers to assist you in getting setup.  
Once you are signed up, enjoy the many benefits of your e-Statements:
  • Security. e-Statements never touch the hands of your postal worker, or even our employees. Statements won’t go through the postal system or sit in your mail box, reducing your risk of identity theft and mail fraud.
  • Faster. e-Statements are available on the first business day of each month and you will receive your statement within seconds after it is processed.
  • Convenient. Easily access your account statement from your mobile app, at home, or when you are on the go. You can view, print, or save a copy for your files.
  • Reduce paper waste.  Although we use environmentally friendly soy ink and recycled papers for printing statements, e-Statements will reduce your carbon footprint even more!
  • Free.  e-Statements are free with your Digital Banking Account.

Interactive e-Statements

Interactive e-Statements allows users to select multiple accounts at one time, choose one or more document types, and select a date range to view all documents meeting their criteria on one screen vs viewing them on an account-by-account basis. This will be especially helpful to businesses who have large volumes of accounts and multiple document types enabled!
e-statement filtering example
Filter by Account, Document Type or Date Range to build a statement specific to your needs:
Account(s) drop-down displays the accounts in alpha/numeric order by account number or nickname.     e-statement filtering by account type example 
Document Type includes All, Statement, Notice, and Tax.   e-statement filtering by file type example     
 Date Range The default is Most Recent, with other date ranges available. Selecting a Date Range opens a calendar selection tool.  e-statement filtering by date example