Text Banking & Alerts

Send text commands (such as BAL) to First National Bank from your SMS-enabled phone for basic account balance and transaction history information. Text message responses are then sent directly to your phone. Money Connection Online is not required.

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Text Banking Commands

Short code commands are:

  • Enroll (To enroll for text banking) - ENROLL MYFNBBK 
  • Balance (All Enrolled Accounts) - BAL
  • Balance (specific account) - BAL + Name of account BAL CHKG 
  • History (Last 5 Transactions, All Enrolled Accounts) - HIST
  • History (specific account) - HIST + Name of Account HIST CHKG
  • Transfer (Transfer between Active SMS Accounts) -
    XFER + From Acct + To Acct + Amount XFER SVGS CHKG 10.00
  • HELP (Returns List of Commands)
  • STOP (Immediately Suspends the service)