Falcon Protection

Protecting you from unauthorized use of your debit card is one of our top priorities at First Bank. To mitigate fraud, we have implemented a monitoring system, called Falcon, to help guard your debit card against fraudulent activity. If suspicious activity is detected on your card, you will be contacted by us or a fraud specialist calling on our behalf to verify the transactions in question.
If you get a call from a fraud specialist or your card is being denied after normal business hours please contact their 24/7 support at 1-866-508-2693.

How Does Falcon Work?

  • Monitors all card transactions for unusual or suspicious activity
  • Takes into account your normal activities
  • Each transaction is scored based on the likelihood of fraud
  • Depending on the score, once an unusual or suspicious transaction takes place, you will be called and/or the account will have a temporary block put on it until you can be contacted.

How Am I Notified?

During the notification process, the fraud specialist from Falcon will note that he or she is calling on behalf of First National Bank. The fraud specialist will ask you to validate your identity via a series of qualifying questions that must exactly match the information in our records to successfully authenticate your identity.

Please remember that we will NOT ask for your card number of personal identification number (PIN) to verify your identity. Always use caution when providing your card information, and contact us if you suspect your card has been stolen or compromised.

If you cannot be reached, Falcon may put a temporary block on your account to prevent further fraudulent activity.

What Do I Need to Do?

To ensure that we can reach you promptly if fraudulent activity is suspected, we need to have current contact information on file, including:
  • Primary phone number
  • Secondary phone number (mobile phone or work number)
  • Current address
  • City, state and ZIP code
It is very important to keep this information current. If your information changes, please contact us immediately.