Cash Management

Remote Deposit Systems

Deposit Connection Online
How much time and money does your business spend processing checks? There's an easier, faster and more affordable way to do it. By using Deposit Connection Online you can process checks from the convenience of your office. All you need is a check scanner and dedicated PC to make electronic deposits of checks from your office or place of business directly to your account.

Find out how easy Deposit Connection Online can be. Calculate your potential savings and watch a short video to learn more.

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Mobile Deposit
For businesses that are on the go and have a low volume of checks to deposit, use Mobile Deposit and save a trip to the Bank. More information on mobile deposit.

Internet Banking

Money Connection Online Cash Management
Our online banking service is also available to our business customers through Money Connection Online Cash Management (MCO Cash Management). Once you are online, you can access your account information 24/7 through MCO Cash Management. You will be able to view previous statements, transactions, balances, make fund transfers, and also view prior and current day activity. In addition, users have the ability to originate automated clearing house (ACH) transactions; and send wire transfers.

MCO Cash Management also allows you to have multiple users. Users can be managed to view certain accounts or initiate limited transactions.

Money Connection Online
Our regular online banking service Money Connection Online allows you to view previous statements, transactions, balances, make fund transfers. MCO allows you to do banking in the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a connection to the internet and you will be able to access this account features:
  • Check account balances
  • Review your statements
  • Reconcile your accounts
  • Transfer money between accounts (transfers between accounts may be posted the next business day.)
  • Make loan payments
  • Print account activity
More information on Money Connection Online, or enroll.

Online Bill Pay

Your time is too valuable to spend it paying bills with checks. Now you can have increased control, greater flexibility and more time to spend on your business. That’s why it pays to check into Business Bill Pay from First Bank. It’s a better way to handle your back office.
Business Bill Pay lets you:
  • PAY bills anywhere, quickly and easily
  • ACCESS bill pay anywhere on your schedule
  • SET UP recurring payments for monthly bills
  • SAVE time and money by sending electronic payments
To sign up, log in to your account, then click on the “Bill Pay” link to access the enrollment form. To answer all your questions, download the Business Bill Pay FAQ.


E-Statements is a feature that can be an added feature to both MCO Cash Management and MCO. E-statements offer you a safe and reliable service where you can view your monthly statements online. E-statements are a free service offered with the use of Money Connection Online. More information on E-Statements.
  • Security: E-statements never touch the hands of your postal worker, or even our employees. Statements won’t sit in your mail box, reducing your risk of identity theft.
  • Faster: Get your statement within seconds after it is produced.
  • Reduce paper waste: Although we use environmentally friendly soy ink and recycled papers for printing statements, E-statements will reduce your carbon footprint even more!